The Company

The fmw financial media way company was founded in December 2000 in Cyprus and then in 2002 it was successfully expanded in Greece.

Its main activities are professional consultation on communication and publicity, specialized publications, business information, advertising and conferences organization.

In the last decade fmw financial media way undertook and accomplished several projects in its field, attaining praise not only from its client companies but also from the general market. Having a high sense of responsibility, along with fresh ideas and hard work, we have created a company that adds value to the targets and choices of companies.

Our comparative advantages which enable us to reach the standard of excellence in our services are our highly experienced and dedicated human resource with academic background in economics, our experience-based knowledge on communication and publicity and our excellent relations with the media, supported by modern technology logistics. These are our assets, which render us unique in contributing towards our clients’ amelioration of public image.